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What is 'Zen Fashion'?

Tea has been one of the best cultures in Asia. Now Chinese young generations are adding new elements to the traditional tea culture. It is called as 'Zen Fashion'.
They create not only new tea sets but also clothing, accessories, jewelry, and decors as a brand-new tea culture. Zen fashion is not yet famous style. ZENVAVA would like to introduce some attractions of these Zen style stuff just for you!


  • Shopping System Upgraded. (27 December, 2017)
  • 'Oriental Style' was renamed to 'ZENVAVA - Zen Fashion'. (8 August, 2016)
  • Pre-Opening as '清香花楼 Oriental Style' name. (27 January, 2016)

茶 Cha - Tea

Tea is a reflection of your heart. Tea mirrors you. You can see your true image in your tea. If your tea is nice, your life is also nice...

花 Hua - Flower

Flower blossoms, then flower falls. The dead flower produces seeds. It's a eternal sycle. You also have a flower in your heart...

香 Xiang - Insence

Insence is the most primitive memory. It never makes copy. You smell just here and now. So insence reminds you who you are...

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