Yunya Yixing Teapot YAZHE/JUNSHENG(雅者/君晟) 190cc Dezhong(德钟)-Type Handmade Small Teapot

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Yunya Yixing Teapot YAZHE/JUNSHENG(雅者/君晟) is designed by young artist Mr. Wang Bin(王斌) and created by Yunya group all by handmade. The materials of clay are Zijiani(紫茄泥) which contains rich quartz, mica, and iron. Yunya has been keeping best purple clay directly mined from Huanglong Mountain in Yixing. Many tea masters love this Zijiani(紫茄泥) clay because this can make tea more wonderful, rich taste. YAZHE/JUNSHENG(雅者/君晟) means Chinese scholar-bureaucrats in a narrow sense. Mr. Wang Bin says he/she is an artist of the pottery, and at the same time, he/she is an elegant tea lover who has an unworldly philosophy in a broad sense. The capacity is about 190cc. The width is 11.8cm(=4.64 in), the height is 9cm(=3.54 in). The design of this teapot is a modification of Dezhong(德钟)-Type teapot in Qing dynasty.
Please be aware with this pot is limited production. Greatly appreciated if you can contact us before your order. We will check the up-to-date availability.

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Brands Yunya云雅
Country of Manufacture China
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