Yunya Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Shipiao(石瓢) Handmade pot in memory of Mr. Gu JingZhou(顾景舟)

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Yunya Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Shipiao(石瓢) is designed by young artist Mr. Wang Bin(王斌) and created by Yunya group all by handmade. This Shipiao pot was produced in memory of Mr. Gu JingZhou(顾景舟) , a 'Grandmaster craftsman' meaning the greatest Master of Chinese Industrial Arts in the 20 century. Wang Bin has tried the pot design over 100 times for 4 years. Tried and failed. Tried and failed. Yunya's young team discussed many times how was the best appropriate Shipiao pot to express their respect for Mr. Gu JingZhou. Finally completed 2 types - 500cc and 300cc. Yunya's Shipiao is not just imitation of Mr. Gu JingZhou's masterpiece. They concentrate their concepts, images, and respects while creating every Shipiao pot one by one. The material clay of this pot is premium Zi Ni(紫泥) Purple clay called 'Di Cao Qing'(底槽清) which 'Craftsman(工艺美术员)' Ms. Gu Xing Juan(顾杏娟) offered for Yunya team. You can select from 2 types - Bird carving/500cc, or Bamboo & Plum 300cc.
Please be aware with this pot is limited production. Greatly appreciated if you can contact us before your order. We will check the up-to-date availability.

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Brands Yunya云雅
Country of Manufacture China
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