Rosa Floweryvale洛施花舍 Premium Rose Tea Pingyin Crown Petal Rose 30g + Portable Glass Tea Bottle(Venus Bottle/Knight Bottle) + Free Gift Tea Tin

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Rosa Floweryvale洛施花舍 is a new brand focusing on customizing natural fresh high-quality rose tea. The company head office is located in Hong Kong. Also, the material of rose is from Jinan's Yudai River basin in Pingyin, Shandong, mainland China. Rosa Floweryvale洛施花舍 rose buds are totally different from other rose teas. First, they are very big. They are usually called '大朵花冠王 Daduo Huaguanwang' meaning like 'Big petal as a flower crown'. The flower is very vivid wine red color. Second, they are picked up by hand only before the sunrise from 4 am to 6 am. And, all of them are the first bloom on the rose plants. The special masters bake the rose buds at the very low-temperature for a long time. That's because the flower can contain the highest nutrition and keep the fresh rose scent after the brewing. No artificial coloring. No artificial flavoring. No chemicals. Rosa Floweryvale洛施花舍 rose tea got SGS certification and PICC guarantee. This rose tea is caffeine free. But, please be aware the pregnant women are advised not to drink too much. You can enjoy Rosa's rose tea very easily. Put a few rose buds into your cup or bottle. Pour the 80-90℃ water and wait for several minutes. That's it!

This item contains: Rose Tea 30g 1 box, Portable Glass Tea Bottle 1 (You can select your tea bottle from Venus Bottle or Knight Bottle), Free gift tea tin 1

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Brands Rosa Floweryvale洛施花舍
Country of Manufacture China
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