Guan Zhao Premium Buddhist Prayer Beads Elegant Bracelet 108 pieces Lepidolite Mica with Lapis Lazuli

Guan Zhao Premium Buddhist Prayer Beads Elegant Bracelet 108 pieces Lepidolite Mica *Custom order is available with this item. Please kindly let us know your wrist size before placing your order.
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Size Conversion for Mala Beads

SIZE mm inch
130/150 Wrist 130-150 mm 5.1-5.9 in
135/150 Wrist 135-150 mm 5.3-5.9 in
140/150 Wrist 140-150 mm 5.5-5.9 in
140/155 Wrist 140-155 mm 5.5-6.1 in 
145/160 Wrist 145-160 mm 5.7-6.3 in
150/160 Wrist 150-160 mm 5.9-6.3 in
360 Length 360 mm 14.2 in
Custom Custom Wrist Size


How to Measure Your Wrist Length

How to Measure Your Wrist Length

Custom Order is available with some items. There will be an additonal fee according to your wrist length.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the custom order before your purchase. Thank you!

Guan Zhao Premium Buddhist Prayer Beads Elegant Bracelet 108 pieces can be offered via Semi Custom Made. The artisan will make your size bracelet instead of default size. All the beads materials are natural. Please be aware with there are some veins, tiny cracks and hollows. Also the item images are not able to display the accurate colors because they are all natural materials and depend on the setting of your monitors and there are some inevitable effects of the light when took photos. Materials: Purple-Lepidolite Mica 6 mm(=0.236 in) 108 pieces, Blue-Lapis Lazuli, White-Mammoth Ivory, Yellow-Honey Amber, Another handmade beads-Cloisonné(Vitreous enamel). The wrist fit size is for 140-150 mm(= 5.5-5.9 in). Lepidolite Micas are made from United States. Purple color lepidolite is very rare. Lapis Lazuli is made from Afghanistan. Beautiful and mysterious stone containing gold-colored pyrite flecks. Mammoth Ivory is made from Siberia. This is a fossil of 10 thousands years old Mammoth. Honey Amber is what tree resin has been fossilized over several million years. The yellow color looks like honey. Cloisonné is one of the ancient techniques. Place the glaze(powdered glass) on the metal, and fire around 800 °C (1,500 °F). This elegant Buddhist Prayer Beads is so amazing, almost crafted art work.

More Information
Color Light Purple
Brands Guan Zhao观照
Country of Manufacture China
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