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About ZENVAVA-Zen Fashion

I discovered the Oriental Beauty when I met a woman wearing Zen Tea Clothing in Xiamen City.

It was 2015 Autumn in Xiamen, Fujian province, mainland China. She was walking down the street normally. I watched her for a while stopping my steps. She was really wonderful just like an 'Oriental beauty'. At first, I was not able to understand why she looked so beautiful.

Yes. She was dressed in Zen Tea Clothing (also called Zen Clothing - I came to know this name later). Something old, but at the same time, something new. It looks like traditional Chinese dress Cheongsam. However it is not a Cheongsam. Her dress was not only simple, but also very graceful.

I was so impressed with her dress. Also I found there has been a new fashion mode called 新中式(Xin Zhong Shi / New Chinese Style). They return to the Eastern tradition based on Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Also they are modified elegantly to our modern lifestyle.

Her dress name is 禅意茶服(Chan Yi Cha Fu) in Chinese. 禅(Chan) is a Chinese character, but it is pronounced 'ZEN' in Japanese. ZEN is well known all over the world. I think ZEN is one of the best Asian culture.
I believe it has a universal value. So I decided to start my little shop: ZENVAVA - Zen Fashion!


Hello! My name is Yunqing Li. I'm from Fujian province, China.
I have started my Chinese tea shop QingXiangHuaLou 中国茶の清香花楼 in Japan since 2006.
Now I'd like to bring you beautiful Zen Clothing, Mala Beads, Chinese Tea Sets, Zen Decor and other Zen Fashion stuff, cooperating with my families, my friends, and my partner companies.
I'm afraid you are anxious about your international shopping because all stuff will be shipped from China... Please do not worry about this so much. ZENVAVA cooperates only with trusted makers. And there is very good courier system in China. Also I'll do my best to support you until your items arrive to you precisely and exactly because I hope you will be a happy customer.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us. Thank you so much for your time & Happy Shopping :)

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Yunqing Li

Yunqing Li